onsdag 22 maj 2013

My Awkward Sexual Adventure

Today I watched a hillarious Canadian movie called My Awkward Sexual Adventure starring Jonas Chernick, Emily Hampshire and Vik Sahay.

The story is about a guy, Jordan who gets dumped by his girlfriend because he's bad in bed. He then gets drunk makes an arrangement with a stripper at the club who was kind enough to let him sleep on her couch (Julia). He will help her with her financial issues (since he's an accountant) and she will be his "sex Yoda" lol
She will teach him to become better at sex in order to get his girlfriend back.

Among other things, he crossdresses:

get's an erotic massage with a "happy ending"
(although I wouldn't say it was so happy for the girl who got her nose all bloody) :P

he goes down on a melon:

and explores S&M:

Vik Sahay plays his best male friend who is kind of a self-proclaimed sex-guru.
He's sexually confident, social and dresses really well. A far cry from the way we're used to seeing him on series Chuck, as Lester. And I like it. I really love it when he says "I'm a slut" LOL

But he isn't much help to Jordan, because he has his own problems. He's dating a girl, while pretending to be all virtuous and looking for a soulmate. Kind of the opposite of what is his nature.

I love this movie because it really is an awkward sexual adventure Jordan goes through. The movie is done with incredible heart, talent and dedication. It is the funniest movie I've seen in years! I'll be showing this one to all my friends for sure!


Vik Sahay special: I thought he was absolutely gorgeous in this movie, I love his hair, and his skin is like milk chocolate and his eyes are always those dark, big, seductive orbs and he's very well dressed. As for his performance, he rocked it as usual. He balanced his inherent energy just enough to become cool and even sweet at times. <3 I really loved him in this movie! 

Five stars out of five:

Photographing Fairies

My Tuesday-movie starring Toby Stephens was an odd movie called Photographing Fairies.

It's starts off with photographer Charles Castle and his new bride in some wintery destination for their honeymoon. When they are out there on the ice, it breaks and his wife falls into a cavern.
Devastated by his wife's death he returns to London and resumes his photography, but tells his clients "no weddings." 

One day he is contacted by a woman who says that while she was photographing her two daughters that she captured something strange on film. She says that her girls keep talking about fairies and if you look closely  you can see the outline of them in the photos. Of course Castle doesn't believe in her, but she says that she contacted him especially because he is a sceptic and challanges him to prove her wrong.

He sees the girls eat a special kind of flower they must have picked near the tree where they have seen the fairies and becomes intreagued. And when their mother mysteriously falls to her death near that same tree he becomes not only suspicious but later on even a little obsessed with the thought of fairies.

To not spoil the movie for anyone, I'll leave it at that. It's a fairly (no pun intended) psychedelic movie. It's kind of sad and beautiful, but with kind of an unsatisfying ending, I must say. But the ending totally makes sense though. It's just unsatisfying for me because it was kind of sad, hope I didn't spoil too much, haha.

Toby Stephens was kind of young and gorgeous in this movie, as you can see. He's always brilliant, but the movie didn't suit my taste. Ben Kingsley was awesome in it, he is always great, but here he was also kind of young and fit, which is a first for me.
Well, in conclusion: Good movie, but not great with great actors though. Kind of sad and psychedelic.

Two out of five stars

söndag 19 maj 2013

another obsesson; Vik Sahay

When I (re)discovered Toby Stephens I became a little bit obsessed with him. And that's why I set out to watch all his movies and tv-shows. And when it's with a brilliant actor, it doesn't matter what you're watching, because you know that whatever he chooses will be excellent, or at least he will be excellent.

That's why I have made myself another commitment to my new obsession, Vik Sahay. I will watch all the things he's been in, or at least try to find as many movies as I can. Because I think he is a brilliant actor.

I am currently enjoying watching him on Chuck season 1.

Here's some eyecandy, ladies!

Absolutely adorable!!!

I'd buy that phone if it came with the gorgeous man!

He's so goddam beautiful!

Rawr, baby, rawr!

onsdag 15 maj 2013

Vik pic ^_~

I played with Vik Sahay a little...
(I mean his pictures, you pervs!) :P

Anyhow, he's my new hottie obsession, so I just had to play with him a little.

I made the first pic a little softer and dreamier and played with the warmth

The second one I just made into a half-drawing
I thought it turned out pretty cool
(He'd make a gorgeous animé character)

In this one (pausing for drool)..I did the half-drawing thing again

And on this one I turned it all the way to a black and white drawing
I thought it turned out really really cool. 

Tomorrow I have an interview! Wish me luck!!

måndag 13 maj 2013

The Great Gatsby 2000

Continuing my quest to watch everything Toby Stephens has ever been in, I've just finished watching The Great Gatsby (2000). I read the novel about two months ago and have been unable to find the movie for download, but you can stream it on youtube in surprisingly good quality.

Everyone seems to praise the 1974 version with Robert Redford, but I think this version was a very close adaptation of the book, and Toby Stephens as Jay Gatsby is to die for! He was made for the part!

Toby Stephens as Jay Gatsby
"Hello, old sport"

Mira Sorvino plays Gatsby's old sweetheart Daisy, and I must admit I think she does a good job, I was surprised that she was that good an actress. She's always seemed kind of tough to me, but here she plays dainty little Daisy very convincingly. 

Mira Sorvino as Daisy

What really surprised me though, was that Paul Rudd was cast as Nick Carraway, the narrator of the book (and movie) and everything is seen through his eyes. I've only ever seen him as this dorky, dopey guy, so it was both surprising and refreshing to see him as a more sober character.

This movie has great actors and costume and it follows the book perfectly. The only thing I could have wished for was that the glitz and glam of Gatsby's parties were not as extravagant as they are described in the book. There were a lot of daytime party scenes that should be in the night. And also the score, the sort of film noir, old detectives-story music wasn't really appropriate if you ask me. I'dve gone for more violins than trumpets.

But Toby was brilliant in it though. It's amazing how he can project the full range of his emotional state in just a couple of glances. And he was as young and gorgeous as ever in this movie. To think I was only 16 back then...

a man in love

In one scene Gatsby (Toby) says "In her heart she never loved anyone except me." And I was thinking "How could anyone ever love anyone except you?" Hahahah, I'm such a sucker for Toby.
HIS VOICE is just amazing, it sends all kinds of chills through my body. Of the good sort, hehe. I love his normal voice when he speaks with a british accent, but with an american accent his voice just turns so incredibly smooth and sexy. And when he says "old sport" it's not annoying at all, it's so endearing.

söndag 12 maj 2013

Vik Sahay

I kind of love this guy! I wish he was mine!
He's so frickin adorable!!
Vikram "Vik" Sahay
he is Indian-Canadian

best known for his role as "Lester" in the tv series Chuck

His dark, seductive eyes just mesmerizes me every time!

He looks so cute in a hat!

plus he's got awesome hair, it really suits him <3 

(extra plus; he has a tight little body)

There's just something about those eyes that make me go: "wow"
And I can't help it that when I saw him on Chuck I thought he was hella sexy :P

Can you believe this baby faced man is 41 years old??
Well, he's gorgeous anyway, damn. 

Usually I don't like Indian men so much. Japanese, Koreans and Chinese are more my kind of Asians, but this guy is so amazingly adorable and cool and sexy all at once that he's like the exception to a rule. ;P 

Beautiful man <333

Hey Vik, call me! ;P