söndag 12 maj 2013

Vik Sahay

I kind of love this guy! I wish he was mine!
He's so frickin adorable!!
Vikram "Vik" Sahay
he is Indian-Canadian

best known for his role as "Lester" in the tv series Chuck

His dark, seductive eyes just mesmerizes me every time!

He looks so cute in a hat!

plus he's got awesome hair, it really suits him <3 

(extra plus; he has a tight little body)

There's just something about those eyes that make me go: "wow"
And I can't help it that when I saw him on Chuck I thought he was hella sexy :P

Can you believe this baby faced man is 41 years old??
Well, he's gorgeous anyway, damn. 

Usually I don't like Indian men so much. Japanese, Koreans and Chinese are more my kind of Asians, but this guy is so amazingly adorable and cool and sexy all at once that he's like the exception to a rule. ;P 

Beautiful man <333

Hey Vik, call me! ;P

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