onsdag 22 maj 2013

Photographing Fairies

My Tuesday-movie starring Toby Stephens was an odd movie called Photographing Fairies.

It's starts off with photographer Charles Castle and his new bride in some wintery destination for their honeymoon. When they are out there on the ice, it breaks and his wife falls into a cavern.
Devastated by his wife's death he returns to London and resumes his photography, but tells his clients "no weddings." 

One day he is contacted by a woman who says that while she was photographing her two daughters that she captured something strange on film. She says that her girls keep talking about fairies and if you look closely  you can see the outline of them in the photos. Of course Castle doesn't believe in her, but she says that she contacted him especially because he is a sceptic and challanges him to prove her wrong.

He sees the girls eat a special kind of flower they must have picked near the tree where they have seen the fairies and becomes intreagued. And when their mother mysteriously falls to her death near that same tree he becomes not only suspicious but later on even a little obsessed with the thought of fairies.

To not spoil the movie for anyone, I'll leave it at that. It's a fairly (no pun intended) psychedelic movie. It's kind of sad and beautiful, but with kind of an unsatisfying ending, I must say. But the ending totally makes sense though. It's just unsatisfying for me because it was kind of sad, hope I didn't spoil too much, haha.

Toby Stephens was kind of young and gorgeous in this movie, as you can see. He's always brilliant, but the movie didn't suit my taste. Ben Kingsley was awesome in it, he is always great, but here he was also kind of young and fit, which is a first for me.
Well, in conclusion: Good movie, but not great with great actors though. Kind of sad and psychedelic.

Two out of five stars

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