måndag 25 mars 2013

Orlando 1992

I’ve set out on a quest; I shall see every movie and tv series that Toby Stephens has ever been in and my Sunday movie was “Orlando” based on Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando: A Biography.
Not having read the book beforehand I can’t say whether or not the movie follows the spirit of the book, or if they changed too much. But I can give my impressions on what I thought of the movie at least. 

Orlando starts out as a Lord Orlando (an androgynous man) played by Tilda Swinton, he is given an estate and a piece of land by Queen Elizabeth I on the condition that he "Do not fade. Do not wither. Do not grow old." 

One of several strange things about this movie is that queen Elizabeth I is played by a man.

So he goes through several ages, still young until he travels to Constantinople and there one day he wakes up to find he is now a woman. As a woman he encounters trouble with the law, as Orlando is not a man anymore there are lawsuits against her, for as a woman back in the day she was not entitled to keep her property, if she did not have a son.

Lord Orlando; in love with a Russian princess

My favorite quote is when Orlando is still a man, he’s had his heart broken by a woman and he says: “I can find only three words to describe the female sex. None of wich are worth expressing.”

After the transformation; Lady Orlando

She looks quite beautiful as a woman!

I’m not going to tell the whole story, but I have to point out a very interesting part of the movie.
Year: 1850
It is when she has been visited by the lawyers and she’s running out in a field, it’s foggy and wet and she falls to the ground. A man on a horse comes riding; the horse is frightened by her and rears, causing the man to fall to the ground. He then declares he’s sprained his ankle.
Sound familiar?
Well, the scene is just how Jane Eyre met Mr. Rochester. If this scene is indeed in the novel, I think Virginia Woolf must have been a Charlotte Brontë fan, and that little scene was an homage to the greatest novel of that time, Jane Eyre. If not, the director was the fan. ^^ 

He's fallen off his horse

Doesn't he look just like Mr. Rochester here?

Lady Orlando with her lover played by Billy Zane.

Finally, if you’re looking to see a lot of Toby in this movie, you’ll be sorely disappointed, he’s in ONE scene. He plays an actor playing Othello. His lines are:
”…then speak of one who loved not wisely but too well. Of one not easily jealous but being wrought. Perplexed in the extreme. Of one whose hand like the base indian threw a pearl away, worth more than all his tribe. …I kiss thee and I kill thee, no way but this; by killing myself to die upon a kiss.”

Toby Stephens as Othello (my screencap!)

*Toby kisses a man* (playing Desdemona)!!! :D Lovely!!
Then Orlando turns to the camera and whispers “Terrific play!”
Well, it’s Shakespeare’s Othello, so it should be ;) 

and I got a screencap of the kiss!! :D Angel is a happy girl!

This was a strange movie, but not too strange or boring. It moved through the ages and the fashions of the ages beautifully, there was some wisdom in there that I could not help but notice and I think I will have to read this novel when I am done with 1. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 2. The Great Gatsby, 3. The Catcher in the Rye, 4. Emma, 5. Dracula (it’s a re-read). I have a lot to read!

I'd say all in all it was a good movie, strange, but good.

söndag 24 mars 2013

the usage of the name Lestat

On facebook I am a fan of Anne Rice. So I get her wall-updates and posts.
I mostly look, but sometimes comment.

Yesterday's post was about how upset Ms Rice was about people using the name of her most beloved character Lestat and among other things claiming to be him on facebook, used Lestat as a bandname, as a name for a café, in chatrooms and fan fiction. Ms Rice was displeased about people calling themselves Lestat online and doing something unpleasant and then said she felt deeply discouraged by it.

While I understand that Lestat is very dear to her, (and an author's character is almost like their baby, so who wants their baby's name defiled?) and she is upset that people are misusing his name to do or say bad things, I still can't fully agree.
I will give you my main argument why, last.

But my first is: the internet; in chatrooms and on facebook and social networks of the likes. There is no way you can control this. It is just a fact that people can call themselves whatever they want online and since much more serious crimes are being committed on the internet every day, the usage of character-names are not prioritized.

My main argument is: the usage of the character Lestat in fan fiction. As I am a writer myself of the odd fan fiction story and most of the people I use are celebrities or fictional characters from TV series/movies or novels I was a bit upset by this. For example, one of my favorite hobbies is reading and writing Harry Potter fan fiction. All the Harry Potter books are out, and there will not be any more in the near future (or ever), but that doesn't mean I still don't want to read about exciting adventures they go through, or romantically pair up two unlikely characters into a very convincing and creative story.

This statement that Ms Rice didn't want Lestat to be used in fan fiction shocked me, because had I used the internet when I was 15-16 I would have most definitely posted the stories I had written about Lestat (but because of lack of internet they remained unpublished to the public eye).
Lestat was the reason I started to write when I was a teenager. This character inspired me to develop my creativity and my writing skills. Plus it gave me great personal pleasure to write (about him) and discover that I was pretty good, and this probably had never happened had I not started reading fan fiction about Lestat and other fictional characters from famous books.

If I were in her shoes:
If I was a successful author, I would not discourage my fans (or any one else for that matter) to write about my favorite and most beloved character. Sure, maybe I wouldn't be happy about hearing that someone had either misinterpreted my characters or made them into ludicrous, malicious or hateful characters, but I would still be honored that they cared enough about my character to use it in a fan fic. And if THAT is what makes people develop their writing skills, and fuells their creativity (and at length encourages people to become interested in the literary world, then so be it.)

But that is just my opinion. I think I am right. Hahahah! No, but I understand that Rice wants to protect her character from over-use and keep Lestat's name "clean" so to speak, but once you have a character published out there, there is only so much you can do to keep people from using or misusing that character's name. And I agree with Ms Rice completely that it is such a shame that people should use Lestat's name and behave badly, whether on the internet or in real life, but again, people will be idiots, no matter what they call themselves. And there's not much we can do about people's idiocy, right?

Concerning café's and rockbands I fully agree with Ms Rice, they should ask her permission first as they make money from the name, and also fan fiction that is for sale (not a lot of that goes on, but in the odd case) they should ask for permission from Anne Rice or the publishers, legally.

Who is to say that every fan fiction is bad and "tarnishes" the name of the original character?
A counter-argument someone could have (and that I saw on facebook) is "lack of creativity" or "it's better to make your own characters" and write stories about them. Well, I'm sure for the people who are serious about writing they probably do this as well as writing fan fiction (I know I do). And I think using an already made up character for your story is not any less creative, or makes the story any less good, just because it's not published or original. I have read some pretty detailed and awesome fan fictions in my life and I think some of the fan fiction writers out there even excel some of the published ones.
Think about it, isn't it better to let someone use "your" character's name and let them take pleasure in reading fan fiction or writing fan fiction to help them start out their creative path, rather than to stifle their creativity by prohibiting them to use their most beloved character in a novel?

When it comes right down to it I think it's all about "mine and yours". I think Buddah was right about that we have to let go of the thought that everything belongs to us, because nothing really does in this world, not even your own thoughts. You may create a character, but does that make him yours? And how far are we willing to go to maintain that this character, that this figment of our imagination is used by others? And why can't we let them? Maybe we need to. Maybe to grow as people we must learn to share. As we did when we were toddlers. A toy may have been given to you and you may call it yours. But when it's out there in the world, and you are not using it, does it still belong to you? And why can't you let someone else play with your toy every once in a while and let them enjoy it on their terms?

Okay, this became considerably more philosophical than I intended it to be.
But my point is; there is no point. Only opinions.

I dedicate this post to Anne Rice, who, with her fantastic character Lestat de Lioncourt brought beauty, adventure, sensuality and reading in English into my world! I love her dearly, she helped shape me with her literary works and is one of my top female rolemodels. 

söndag 17 mars 2013

I'll look to like if looking liking move

As the loveley Juliet says when her mother asks:
"How stands your disposition to be married?"
Juliet, clever as she is replies "It is an honor that I dream not of."

Right now is not the time for boys for me. I can pine away for celebrities I may not ever even meet in real life, and that is all fine, but I swore that this year I would take to myself. I shall not let this year be wasted on fruitless thoughts on any one be he worthy or not.

“I'll look to like, if looking liking move:
But no more deep will I endart mine eye
Than your consent gives strength to make it fly.”

If Toby Stephens happens to tap on my door and profess his undying love to me, fine, I shall break my pact, but until that happens I will concentrate on making a life out of this pitiful existence. At least for a year. Because, the next time I fall for someone, I want it to be right.

I've had enough of playing around, of un-even love, of shallow fancy and going against my inner voice and better knowledge. Next time, I'll do it right and proper. Next time I'll fall forever.

So I wish some of the aquaintances I have online would stop bothering me, but I do not have the heart to tell them. And it is equally rude to just ignore them.
What to do? Ottoke? Doushio?

Quotes from Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

lördag 16 mars 2013

Toby Stephens

I am practically obsessed with this man now. I adore him, I think he is so charming, chooses such good movies and he's damn sexy to boot. If you're kind of big on Shakespeare, classic novels and interesting, sometimes very complex characters (the way I am) -his career is certainly fascinating. And I will follow his career with great interest.

this is my desktop pic right now :P

You'd think it all began with Jane Eyre (2006) -and sure, it's true that's where I re-discovered him. But to be honest, it all really started when I was 12 years old and I saw him in the 1996 filmatization of Twelfth Night. Now, I was a strange kid. I listened to the Backstreet Boys, enjoyed Shakespearian prose and wrote my own poems at that age. And the first time I was ever sexually attracted to a man was when I saw Toby Stephens as Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night.

That first glance of him, lying there in a sofa, with his hand on his forehead, listening to a beautiful piece of music, made such an impression on me it stayed with me for years. Not to mension the scene when he takes a bath and is all wet and naked and sexy. LOL, you girls who have watched it know what I mean, right? (Sorry I couldn't find a picture of it when I googled, I'm very, very sorry)

Imogen Stubbs as Viola/Cesario

So imagine my surprise when I discovered, that the actor who played Mr. Rochester was the very same as one of my favorite characters of all time (Orsino) and I had an equal obsession with both!!
as Mr Rochester

When I think about it now, though Orsino and Rochester are widely different characters, what attracted me to them (besides they're being interpreted by Toby Stephens) was their passion. Their deep desire to love and be loved and also their darkness in that they are seemingly banned from this burning desire. And who can play these highly complex, beautiful characters better than Toby Stephens?

my favorite romantic hero of all time
(played by my favorite actor of all time)

The thing about Toby is that he gets it. He totally gets it, he gets his characters, he doesn't just show up and is like "it is what it is". I saw an interview with him where he expressed his thoughts concerning this character and everything I thought Rochester was about, he mensioned, plus a little more that I hadn't really thought of. He's not just good looking and talented, he's also clever. A triple threat ^_~

Like I said before, I will follow his career with interest. I've already seen some movies he's done, but I want to have seen everything, if he's my favorite actor after all, I have to have seen everything!
So far I've seen: Twelfth Night, Onegin, Jane Eyre and Die Another Day (and I was SUPER impressed that he spoke Korean, I listen to a lot of Korean music and watch a lot of Korean dramas and I can spot someone with a "bad" korean accent, but his was actually really good! Then again, I'm not Korean haha..)

as Gustav Graves

I thought I'd start from the beginning and "work my way up". Next on my list is the movie Orlando, it seems fairly strange, and I've never read anything by Virginia Woolf so that will be a mystery. And then I'm really excited to see miniseries The Camomile Lawn (from 1992) and a movie I've been dying to see lately is The Tenant of Wildfell Hall! I just have to finish the book and then I'll watch the movie immediately! I can't wait to see young Toby in 1840's fashions!!

He looks a little something like this:

as Gilbert Markham

onsdag 6 mars 2013

The ones that got away

Remebered that I forgot two very important hotties on my list of most beautiful men in the universe:

Tom Welling, (35) Where I loved him: Smallville

I've started watching Smallville (last season) during weekdays and though I haven't seen all the other seasons I'm really enjoying it. When Smallville started out on TV I was, like Clark, a teenager. And back then I wasn't so attracted to him. But now, though he looks pretty much the same, I can't help but to feel in awe of his super close-ups and the tender look in his beautiful eyes, can it be the maturity? Or just that I changed tastes since high school? Whatever the case, this sweetheart is a true son of Krypton and never have I been so tempted to be abducted by an alien.


so cute!


dear lord..
as Superman, or The Blur

Gerard Butler, (43) Where I loved him: Phantom of the Opera, Tomb Raider, Dracula 2000 and many other movies.

Gerard Butler I discovered when I was a teenager, from the moment I saw him as Dracula in Dracula 2000, I knew he was special (despite that bad movie) and was incredibly attracted to his sensuality and charm. When he starred as the phantom in The Phantom Of The Opera I just fell even harder and was impressed by his amazing talents.

Gorgeous Gerry

In Tomb Raider (I think)

Phantom Of The Opera

söndag 3 mars 2013

Most handsome Mr Rochester(s)

Most handsome Mr. Rochester(s) edition

This is especially dedicated to the gorgeous men who played Mr. Rochester in the adaptations of my favorite book Jane Eyre.
Michael Fassbender, (35)  Why I loved him as Mr. Rochester: He was perfect.
look at those amazing eyes!! (and that smug smile haha)

he is just gorgeousness, and he looks great in blue; brings out those sapphire-eyes of his

more perfection

transformed as Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre (2011)

this scene was played so tenderly, it was damn sexy
Those brilliant eyes, age-appropriate for the character (maybe 4 years younger, but still looks convincing). He got Mr. Rochester’s charm, his emotion-range and his “athletic figure” down. In short, he nailed it. Plus in real life he is a babe! Stunning blue eyes, amazing body, manly yet sensitive. *Sigh*
Toby Stephens, (43)  Why I loved him as Mr. Rochester: He was also perfect, but for completely different reasons than Michael Fassbender. 1. He was the first actor to actually nail this beloved character. 2. His Rochester was more playful and passionate than the ones before him. 3. He was infinitely convincing because (as in the book) he is incredibly charming in one moment and the next he is irritated and cross. 4. When he played Mr. Rochester, he was actually Mr. Rochester’s age. (Rochester is described to be in his mid-to late 30’s, and Stephens was 36, so that was perfect.)

he's kind of a strawberry blonde isn't he? ^_^

there's that sideways smile

rawr, bringin sexy back ^_~

as Mr. Rochester

Rochester in Jane Eyre (2006)

None of the pictures capure his brilliant, wicked smirk he always gets. That is a huuuuge part of his charm and part of his personal mannerisms. I absolutely love it, so if you want a glipse of that watch one of his movies. Look how gorgeous he was in The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall:
young, gorgeous Toby
and how sweet he was in Onegin
Duke Orsino, 12:th Night
When I was 14 or something I saw 12:th Night (because I loved everything Shakespeare) and I was unbelievably attracted to Orsino, years passed and I could never forget him, but not until NOW (and now I'm 29) did I find out it was Toby Stephens who played one of the sexiest characters I'd ever seen in my early teens. That bathroom scene was so amazing it's imprinted in my memory forever since the day I saw it!
Those prominent cheekbones are not to be toyed with :P

That was the last of the "western" edition of The Most Beautiful Men in the Univese.
There may come an "eastern" edition later on, as I am a big admirer of Asian beautiful celebrities.
Until then, dream sweet dreams!