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Most handsome Mr Rochester(s)

Most handsome Mr. Rochester(s) edition

This is especially dedicated to the gorgeous men who played Mr. Rochester in the adaptations of my favorite book Jane Eyre.
Michael Fassbender, (35)  Why I loved him as Mr. Rochester: He was perfect.
look at those amazing eyes!! (and that smug smile haha)

he is just gorgeousness, and he looks great in blue; brings out those sapphire-eyes of his

more perfection

transformed as Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre (2011)

this scene was played so tenderly, it was damn sexy
Those brilliant eyes, age-appropriate for the character (maybe 4 years younger, but still looks convincing). He got Mr. Rochester’s charm, his emotion-range and his “athletic figure” down. In short, he nailed it. Plus in real life he is a babe! Stunning blue eyes, amazing body, manly yet sensitive. *Sigh*
Toby Stephens, (43)  Why I loved him as Mr. Rochester: He was also perfect, but for completely different reasons than Michael Fassbender. 1. He was the first actor to actually nail this beloved character. 2. His Rochester was more playful and passionate than the ones before him. 3. He was infinitely convincing because (as in the book) he is incredibly charming in one moment and the next he is irritated and cross. 4. When he played Mr. Rochester, he was actually Mr. Rochester’s age. (Rochester is described to be in his mid-to late 30’s, and Stephens was 36, so that was perfect.)

he's kind of a strawberry blonde isn't he? ^_^

there's that sideways smile

rawr, bringin sexy back ^_~

as Mr. Rochester

Rochester in Jane Eyre (2006)

None of the pictures capure his brilliant, wicked smirk he always gets. That is a huuuuge part of his charm and part of his personal mannerisms. I absolutely love it, so if you want a glipse of that watch one of his movies. Look how gorgeous he was in The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall:
young, gorgeous Toby
and how sweet he was in Onegin
Duke Orsino, 12:th Night
When I was 14 or something I saw 12:th Night (because I loved everything Shakespeare) and I was unbelievably attracted to Orsino, years passed and I could never forget him, but not until NOW (and now I'm 29) did I find out it was Toby Stephens who played one of the sexiest characters I'd ever seen in my early teens. That bathroom scene was so amazing it's imprinted in my memory forever since the day I saw it!
Those prominent cheekbones are not to be toyed with :P

That was the last of the "western" edition of The Most Beautiful Men in the Univese.
There may come an "eastern" edition later on, as I am a big admirer of Asian beautiful celebrities.
Until then, dream sweet dreams!

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