söndag 19 maj 2013

another obsesson; Vik Sahay

When I (re)discovered Toby Stephens I became a little bit obsessed with him. And that's why I set out to watch all his movies and tv-shows. And when it's with a brilliant actor, it doesn't matter what you're watching, because you know that whatever he chooses will be excellent, or at least he will be excellent.

That's why I have made myself another commitment to my new obsession, Vik Sahay. I will watch all the things he's been in, or at least try to find as many movies as I can. Because I think he is a brilliant actor.

I am currently enjoying watching him on Chuck season 1.

Here's some eyecandy, ladies!

Absolutely adorable!!!

I'd buy that phone if it came with the gorgeous man!

He's so goddam beautiful!

Rawr, baby, rawr!

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