onsdag 22 maj 2013

My Awkward Sexual Adventure

Today I watched a hillarious Canadian movie called My Awkward Sexual Adventure starring Jonas Chernick, Emily Hampshire and Vik Sahay.

The story is about a guy, Jordan who gets dumped by his girlfriend because he's bad in bed. He then gets drunk makes an arrangement with a stripper at the club who was kind enough to let him sleep on her couch (Julia). He will help her with her financial issues (since he's an accountant) and she will be his "sex Yoda" lol
She will teach him to become better at sex in order to get his girlfriend back.

Among other things, he crossdresses:

get's an erotic massage with a "happy ending"
(although I wouldn't say it was so happy for the girl who got her nose all bloody) :P

he goes down on a melon:

and explores S&M:

Vik Sahay plays his best male friend who is kind of a self-proclaimed sex-guru.
He's sexually confident, social and dresses really well. A far cry from the way we're used to seeing him on series Chuck, as Lester. And I like it. I really love it when he says "I'm a slut" LOL

But he isn't much help to Jordan, because he has his own problems. He's dating a girl, while pretending to be all virtuous and looking for a soulmate. Kind of the opposite of what is his nature.

I love this movie because it really is an awkward sexual adventure Jordan goes through. The movie is done with incredible heart, talent and dedication. It is the funniest movie I've seen in years! I'll be showing this one to all my friends for sure!


Vik Sahay special: I thought he was absolutely gorgeous in this movie, I love his hair, and his skin is like milk chocolate and his eyes are always those dark, big, seductive orbs and he's very well dressed. As for his performance, he rocked it as usual. He balanced his inherent energy just enough to become cool and even sweet at times. <3 I really loved him in this movie! 

Five stars out of five:

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