fredag 1 februari 2013

Angel's Most Beautiful Men in the Universe list

This list will be in several editions, todays is:

Dark beauties edition
There’s something about mixed races and tall, dark and handsome guys, isn’t there? These gorgeous men always keep me glued to the screen and whether it’s the dark, even-toned skin or the mesmerizing eyes or the gorgeous voices I have no idea. But probably it’s because of all those things I can’t help but drool a little at the sight of these dark beauties.

Gary Dourdan,(46) where I loved him: as CSI’s Warrick Brown

It’s hard to believe Gary is 46 years old. But the point is, every time I watch CSI I always keep a look out for Warrick Brown and his gorgeous green eyes. Mmm-mm-mm. According to Wikipedia: Dourdan has African-American, American Indian, Jewish, French, Irish, and Scottish ancestry.

Jason Momoa,(33) where I loved him: Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo

Before Khal Drogo, and after, haha, gorgeous either way.

Watching Game of Thrones two things went through my head: I love Daenerys white hair and who is that huge man who plays her tribal king husband? It’s Jason Momoa, also appears in Stargate Atlantis. He is of mixed race including native Hawaiian, German, Irish and Native American heritage. Well that seems to be a mix that works because he is beautiful.

Bruno Mars,(27) where I loved him: in this picture
Young Bruno is not only a talented musician, but quite the hottie at that. He is a year younger than me and like me is of mixed race. He is said to be of Puerto Rican, Jewish, Filipino and Spanish descent. 

Jesse Williams,(31) where I loved him: Greys Anatomy

Researching Jesse I was surprised his mother is Swedish-American (I guess there is something in me that likes Swedish boys after all hahaha) and his father is African-American with some native American ancestry. Like I said before, mixes are beautiful, and this guy proves it. I don’t watch Greys Anatomy, but if I would, it would be because Jesse Williams has screen time.

Next edition will be: amazing blue eyes.

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