fredag 15 februari 2013

Hot Blondes

Hot blondes edition:
Usually I’m drawn to dark-haired boys. But when a blonde guy is hot in my opinion, he is really damn hot. These heavenly guys prove this; they got me begging them for mercy!

Ewan McGregor,(42 in march) where I loved him: Trainspotting, Starwars, Moulin Rouge

 Scottish Ewan McGregor is that fun-loving, free-spirited guy that always appears in good movies and wins you over with his charms and winning smile. Besides, who doesn’t like a guy who likes to be naked in every movie he’s in?

Michael Pitt,(31) where I loved him: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Michael Pitt is the American indie-movie beauty that doesn’t realize his own hotness and could care less about it. His baby blue eyes and plump lips had me hooked from the first time I saw him.

Jensen Ackles,(35 in March) where I loved him: Supernatural

Jensen Ackles is, in my opinion, THE most beautiful man on earth. Period. Want to see a lot of Jensen Ackles? There’s 8 seasons of Supernatural, just saying. 

Sebastian Stan,(29) where I loved him: Once Upon A Time

 Sebastian Stan mesmerized me from the first time I saw him as the mentally unstable Jefferson on Once Upon a Time and there’s something sublime about him that makes me keep my eyes glued to his face.
James Marsters, (50)  where I loved him: on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Spike

My jaw literally dropped when I found out James Marsters is 50 years old! Damn! Anyways, this American actor best known for his role as Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer got my attention from the first time I saw him. But it wasn’t until season 4 that I really started loving him. In season 5 he develops a kind of obsession with Buffy and I simultaneously developed an obsession with James ^_~ and I love his portrayal of this sensitive, romantic man who became a monster with a conscience. James may only be blonde when he plays Spike, but since it’s the only role I’ve seen him in (where he isn’t green), I think he belongs in this category, because as a blonde he is a sexy demon. 

Ryan Gosling,(32) Where I loved him: Murder By Numbers, The Notebook.

What’s fascinating about Ryan Gosling is not only his stunning looks and his boyish charm. It’s also his drive and passion for acting, he doesn’t want to be just a pretty boy (even though he certainly could) he wants to be a good actor and push himself to be great. And he is, he really is great. Besides, he’s always been a personal favorite of mine since (well actually since his Young Hercules days) I read this fanfic about him and Michael Pitt about their play-time off screen during the filming of Murder By Numbers.

Next edition will be: Sexy older men

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