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Most beautiful men in the universe

Amazing Blue eyes edition:
I have a serious weakness for stunning blue eyes. They do just that, stun me. When I see these guys all I can do is marvel at their high cheekbones and shining blue eyes.

Cillian Murphy,(36) where I loved him: 28 Days Later.

Cillian is an Irish babe who cares more about good acting rather than his looks, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any. His amazingly huge blue eyes and pared with high cheekbones and puffy red lips makes him a natural beauty that will always enthrall me.

 Colin Morgan,(27) where I loved him: on BBC’s Merlin

First time most of us who don’t know him personally saw Colin was on Merlin. At first I loved the BBC show because of its enticing episodes. But soon enough I would more and more appreciate this super charming Irish boy with his big blue eyes and (similar to Cillian) high cheekbones and beautifully shaped lips for his good looks as well as his acting talents.

 Matthew Macfadyen,(38)  where I loved him: Pride and Prejudice
click on pic to enlarge, I assure you his eyes will be worth it^^

Despite what Jane Austen fans say about Pride and Prejudice from 2005, I still loved it and especially I loved Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy. There is this scene where he stands in the rain and professes his love to Elisabeth, and Macfadyen’s eyes are so brilliantly blue; it’s etched in my memory forever.

Glenn Quinn, where I loved him: on Angel as Doyle

*Sadly, Irish born Glenn Quinn died of an overdose in 2002, only 32 years old, but every time I watch Angel season 1, I can’t help but to fall in love with those blue eyes. I loved his character Allen Francis Doyle so much and wished desperately they would have kept him on until at least the end of the season. I saw him first time when I was 16 years old and to this day I cannot forget him. RIP, dear, sweet, beautiful Glenn Quinn. 

Jonathan Rhys Meyers,(35) where I loved him: Velvet Goldmine, Bend It Like Beckham, The Tudors. 

Jonathan is another Irish actor (I seem to have a thing for those) who is just drop-dead gorgeous. The first time I saw him was in Bend it like Beckham and I was completely taken with this man. By the way he is absolutely sexy in Velvet Goldmine (if you enjoy seeing rocker boys snog. I know I do!)

Vincent Kartheiser, (33) Where I loved him: Angel, In Time

Vincent Kartheiser

"Connor" on Angel

Connor again with amazing blue eyes

Young Vincent
First time I saw this cutie he played Angel’s son Connor on the Buffy spinoff “Angel”. And from the moment I saw him I fell for his amazing eyes and his sweet face. He’s since been on Mad Men and wonderful movie In Time (alongside Cillian Murphy) and proven himself as an actor. 

Next edition will be: Hot Blondes

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