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A Gentleman's Dignity ep 14

What the fudge?
*Warning: SPOILERS!*

So I was really enjoying A Gentleman's Dignity, I mean really! UNTIL this episode.
Because episode 14 just does not make any sense to me!

But before I go on, I feel I need to do some background explaining.
The four main guys of the show: Yoon, Tae San, Jung Rok and Do Jin, they all have different problems.

Yoon is in love with a girl 17 years younger than him, who also happens to be his best friend Tae San's little sister, he's trying to resist her, but she is really pursuing him with all her heart. (And for some reason I cannot fathom he doesn't give in and just admits he loves the girl, it's not like she's underaged, she's 24 for crying out loud!)

Yoon oppa and Meahri

Jung Rok is the only guy married of the bunch, but he's always in trouble with his wife because he's a dawg, he's always seeing other women behind her back, whether he be just flirting or actually having sex with them (there's no actual proof he has) he's still treading on a mine field because his wife knows about it, and he knows that she knows. 
Jung Rok and his wife Min Sook

Tae San is the boyfriend of proffessional golfer Hong Pro, and she happens to be roommate and friends with the female lead (Seo Yi Soo) Yi Soo used to have a crush on Tae San and when Hong Pro found out about it she made it difficult for YiSoo to live with her and also humiliated her by telling Tae San that she had a crush on him. Tae San told his girlfriend that getting jealous of her friend and treating her that way made her look bad, but in spite of that he still wants to be with her (must be her looks, 'cause it ain't the personality). 
Tae San and Hong Pro

Later on though, when Tae San says to her that he'd like to get married to her one day, she freaks out and they break up because she doesn't want to get married and have kids. She says she's worked too hard on her carreer as a golfer to give it up. Tae San says she doesn't have to give it up, she can still golf, but she wont hear it, she's convinced he'll tie her down with lots of babies and household work (and I'm sure a part of her thinks that he wont love her once she's not pretty anymore). 
Later on she misses him, but when he definitely wont take her back she starts crying looking like this:

Hong Pro crying

Now for the main male and female lead: Do Jin is an architect working with his friend Tae San, when he sees Seo Yi Soo for the first time it's really love at first sight. He pursues her even though he knows from the start that she's in love with his friend and declares that he will "start a one-sided love" with her. He keeps appearing in front of her so many times and being maddeningly (but very attractively) taunting and after about half of the show she falls for him too. 

Kim Do Jin & Seo Yi Soo: Their first kiss


Lately there's been a boy appearing (Colin), he's been talking to Meahri and following the four men around, carrying a picture of them. It's been obvious from the start that he's searching for his father and that one of the guys is his biological daddy. 

Who's the daddy?

The four guys had a crush on his mother some 20 years back and when he tells them that he's the end result of that Do Jin immediately says that "I think I may be your father." 

Colin looking at his dad, knowing for the first time.
By the way, his speech on why he wanted to seek out his biological father is INCREDIBLE lol:

Okay we get it kid, you're handsome, do you really have to brag about it? :P

Father and son, guess he got those long legs from Do Jin.

By the way, this kid sure can sing! I want the cover of that song!

NOW we come to the part where I don't understand.

When Do Jin finds out that he has a son, he breaks up with Yi Soo that he spent SO much time and effort on getting, even though he practically proposed to her (I think "let's live together" is kind of a proposal in Korea?) and he had promised her he would never break up with her or make her cry.
Well, she did cry, a lot, and it looked a little something like this:

Seo Yi Soo crying

And if it was because he was planning to "make it work" with the mother of his child then it would be a perfectly rational explanation why he dumped her. But he didn't even have one. He just dumped her because he thought it would be too much for her if he has a son. 
Does he really think she can't love him just because he had sex with a woman 20 years ago and now he has a 19 year old son? It's not like it's a baby or someone who is totally going to depend on him and even if it was, if she was really in love with him, wouldn't she stick around anyway? If you really love a person you take them as they are, even when they come with surprises. The boy just wanted to see his real father, he's not going to be in the way of Do Jin's love life, so why OH WHY would he break up with her?
I don't get it, it just does not make any sense! 

I don't know if I can keep watching this with as much love and admiration for the show that I had up until now, it used to be funny, sentimental, sweet and sad at times, but never illogical or just plain stupid like this. 

On a good note Jung Yong Hwa made a guest appearance as himself!! :D I was sooo happy to see oppa! I love Yong Hwa oppa, he is one of my favorite actors^^ In the episode (either 13 or 14) he sits in a restaurant (and is followed by fans and photographers) and Do Jin get's jealous when he thinks Yi Soo has a crush on a young, handsome idol, but it turns out he was an ex student of hers. (She is a teacher.)

Jung Yong Hwa oppa as himself

He was so sweet-tempered and gorgeous the way he always is! <3 

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