måndag 7 januari 2013

Vampire Prosecutor 2

I know I have like a thousand dramas to watch on my list.
Currently I am enjoying A Gentleman's Dignity, enjoying it very much indeed!

But as I saw a little thing about Vampire Prosecutor 2 being out, the whole subbed series, then I figure I HAVE to start with that one!

I mean, just look at him, doesn't he look all vampiric and inviting?

If you have a thing for vampires, like I do (excepting the gay glittery suckers from Twilight) and you also enjoy a mystery or a little bit of CSI, then Vampire Prosecutor is the drama for you!

I saw season 1 of this show last year and it's about Prosecutor Min who fights evil on the right side of the law (not like Dexter, unless it's something preternatural) and he uses his vampiric abilities to catch the culprit. 

I'd kill to be this close to oppa!

This series is not just interesting, dark and mystical. The main lead is also sexy, a vampire AND Korean, WITH blue eyes (when he's just tasted blood or turns on his vampire skillz)
Click on the pix for a closer look of his preternatural blue eyes...if you dare..

I can't speak for everyone, but as for me, a Korean (who is a sexy vampire) with blue eyes, just kills me!
That does something to me I cannot describe! Hahaha!
(But I assure you, it is all gooooood)

See you soon!
(I'm coming oppa!!!기다려)

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