onsdag 26 december 2012


I've been spending a lot of time lately reading classic novels.
Maybe not so much during the holidays because I keep falling asleep reading pride and prejudice, not because the book is boring, but because I go to bed at 2-3 am, therefore I am beat when I start my pre-sleep reading.

Anyways I have been feeling creative of late and I am going to make a summarized version of my most beloved books, paint well selected scenes from the stories and make it into what I call "children's books" though they would be more like cliff's notes versions of the real deal.

Another thing I enjoy doing these days is giving my favorite books alternative titles or extreme summaries.
The storyline in itself (even from the greatest of novels) can become quite comedic if you really think about it, some could say maybe to the point of redicule, but I enjoy making fun of the things I love; for me it's part of the fandom.

If I would make an extreme summary of Jane Eyre it would look something like this:

Jane Eyre - poor, mistreated, barely legal girl, falls for rich, decieving old guy (with a mad wife in the attic.)

Pride & Prejudice - white trash girl with vulgar family meets snobby, rude hottie with a bad personality. 

Romeo & Juliet - children of sworn enemies find forbidden love and commit double suicide. 

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