torsdag 6 december 2012

Brontë sisters power dolls!!

This video is hillarious!

What made me laugh the most was the Brontësaurus! XD Check it out.
This was a fake commercial done in 1998 that never aired, it's apparently used in eductional purposes now^^

I've googled after a pic of the Brontësaurus, but I couldn't find it! Neither do I know how to do screencaps and I couldn't find the video to download to my computer, so I guess I'll have to live without the Brontësaurus, unless some kind soul can help me out? ^_~

I found these pics though:
Emily, Charlotte and Anne Brontë fight against evil publishers who don't want to publish books written by women!

They come complete with book-throwing action!

The dolls come together to form the all-powerful Brontësaurus

Anyways, this made my day!^^ 
(I kind of wish this toy was real XD)

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