onsdag 28 november 2012

Jane Eyre 1983 (ep 4-7)

Now I understand a little bit more of the acting on this 1983 version and I have come to two conclusions. The first is that while I thought in the first few minutes of the 4:th episode that Dalton sure looked pretty, but he showed no depth to his Mr. Rochester, I now say that my initial thought was wrong.

I was sidetracked because his brusqueness was amusing to me and it looked like he was ready to crack a smile at any moment, though he was supposed to be serious.

But then when I got to the dialogue at the fireplace, I realized he had much more skill as an actor than I thought at first, he sort of eased into his broodiness and since the dialogue kept true to the book it enhanced my feelings about the scene. 

The second conclusion I have come to is; it is not every one's acting I don't like, it is just Zelah Clarke's acting. She looks like she's almost not even there for the most part, she has given Jane no dimension, no sense of humor and no personality whatsoever. And most annoying of all is that she speaks so low that it's almost a whisper and half the time I can't hear what she's saying. The fact that it's Zelah Clarke's acting that I don't like is catastrophical because her part is the most important one; Jane Eyre. 

Even as she's supposed to be this frantic and wild little "bird" in his arms, and she's supposed to give this passionate speech that is the favorite part of many a Brontë fan, she comes off as indifferent and too tender.
So this has been a little disappointment for me; because while Dalton is passionate and vibrant (the way he's supposed to be as Mr. Rochester) Clarke looks detached with no dimension (not how Jane is, she is not a one dimensional character.)

On the plus side this version is much more detailed than the other two I've seen. This version has actually kept the gypsy scene just as it is in the book (well, revised, but with Rochester as the gypsy) and I love that they kept that because in that scene he says one of my most favorite things in the whole book;
"Chance has meted you a measure of happiness: that I know...It depends on yourself to stretch out your hand, and take it up: but whether you will do so, is the problem I study."
And I laughed so much when he came out of his disguise and screamed "Off ye lendings!" >_< 

Episode 7 ended with the interruption at the church "There is an impediment"
To be continued...

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