fredag 12 april 2013

Space Cowboys

Continuing my quest of seeing everything that brilliant actor Toby Stephens has ever been in; my Friday night movie (and it was in the middle of the night, mind you) was Space Cowboys from the year 2000.

I couldn't remember if I had seen it or not, but as I was halfway through the movie I realized that I had indeed seen it, but it must have been back in 2000 because it wasn't recently, I can tell you that. 

Here's for some reason, the french title (I thought it was the prettiest)

And here is the more modern action-edition:

As I had read up on what character Toby plays in this one, I was ready to not see a lot of him. Still, I think they could have made that wierd blue screen, well, not blue, we get that it was the past anyway, without taking away any colors, or adding odd blue color. In this movie he plays "young Frank" who gets cheated out of going to space in 1958 and he and his team is replaced by a monkey. 

young Frank and young Hawk fight

Hawk and Frank get questioned by the boss

Then an announcement:

a closeup, *sigh* isn't he handsome?

Team Daedalus are replaced by a monkey

Love that little scowl, only Toby can both sound and mimic Clint Eastwood to such perfection <3
Actually he sounded so american that I didn't recognize his voice at first.

After the team is replaced by a monkey we fast forward 40 years and Frank is now played by Clint Eastwood. NASA needs Frank's help capture an old sovjet communications satellite before it falls out of orbit, and Frank is the only one old enough to understand the outdated technology, since he is the one who designed the Skylab guidence system from which the Sovjet satellite system has been copied. He agrees to help on one condition, if he and his team get to go to space to capture the satellite themselves. 

team Daedalus

The satellite. I got to say, this thing was SCARY.
I'm not kidding, that thing scared the shit out of me!

Nice view of Earth there, Eastwood?
Yes, I would say so.

I absolutely love Tommy Lee Jones, and he is as lovely in this movie as he is in everything! 

Extra bonus:
Donald Sutherland is also one of my favorite actors and I love him in this too, he is a huge flirt as Jerry.

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