tisdag 2 april 2013

Prometheus & Fassbender

The title sounds like a law firm doesn't it?
Only, the coolest lawfirm on earth! (Or off earth as it were...)

This easter I've watched 4 movies and the first was Prometheus (and let me tell you that all the other movies paled in comparison to this one). SOMEHOW it escaped me that Michael Fassbender was not only one of the lead stars in the film but also on the cover!! (I don't know how I missed THAT?!) And so, when I turned on the blu ray disc and the first face I see is Michael Fassbender's I jump and scream like a maniac, much to my father's confusion.

Since Jane Eyre I've started to notice how beautiful he is and not only is he beautiful but SO talented!
And there's nothing that attracts me more than beautiful, talented men...

Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron

Anyways, about the movie:
Prometheus is a spaceship where a group of scientists (and one robot) set out to a planet where they are to search for answers about where we came from and what/who made us and why. But since this is a film by Ridley Scott one can only assume that something goes awfully awry...

To not spoil too much Fassbender plays David, a gorgeous, human-like robot.

The entire time I was amazed at how hot he looked in that blue space-suit, I can't even imagine the perfection if he should actually take his clothes off (but I guess we'll come to that kind of a movie sooner or later.)
David to the rescue!

doing something sinister

He is infinitely cute in this movie as a robot and at the same time he's maddeningly sinister. Yet one understands that he is just following instructions, he is not capable of being evil himself.

Fassbender with Noomi Rapace, who is a Swedish actress.

 I'm feeling a bit of Swede-pride atm, because she rocked this part! There is definitely a want of Swedish actresses in major films today. The only really famous swedish actress who is relatively active is Lena Olin. (And Pernilla August also makes one or other appearance)
I think Noomi could really become a big star, she has a huge advantage that she's been starred in this movie. And let me just say that the scene where she gets an "operation" in the med-pod (you guys who have seen it know what I mean!) that is one of the most nerve-wrecking scenes of all time!! And she played it to perfection.

Anyhow, enough of praise of Fassbender and Rapace.
Guy Pearce was in it and I didn't even notice!! Now that's good acting, hahahah!
Or maybe it was because he looked a little something like this:


Call me shallow, but I prefer him looking like this:


Anyway, Prometheus was a great movie! If you don't like great movies that are suspenseful, beautiful and captivate you from the moment you start watching till the credits roll and that have amazingly talented actors that makes the movie just that much better, don't watch it! LOL 
No, I changed my mind, watch it anyway!

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