onsdag 12 september 2012

My one true love? Maybe?

I've been thinking about Korea non stop since I went there in May.
Everything I do is about Korea. Or if it's not about Korea it's about Buffy. LOL
But seriously, I love that show and I just can't say that I would be the same person if I had not grown up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy is the only character that was so cool back then and still remains cool to this day if you ask me. Her sass, her wit, her strength and fashion sense. All rolled up into one badass Slayer. How do I love Buffy, let me count the ways. But I'll continue my ode to the Buffster another time.

So I was thinking about South Korea.
I want to live there so badly. But it just kills me that I'm not going to be able to unless I save up a hell of a lot of money and pay off my student's loans. But this love, I think it's here to stay. Unless I get totally bored with Asians (wich is never gonna happen since I find them so cool and beautiful and intriguing).

Forget guys, I've totally closed that shop now, my love for guys has never surpassed my love for idols anyway. I guess I've always thought I had a bigger purpose than just to fall in love, but exactly what that purpose is I've never been clear on. I guess I am still searching.
But I was thinking that, maybe my purpose is to follow my heart.
My heart keeps taking me to other countries though, and when I walked on Korean soil for the first time, I was home. I may come from Sweden, but my home is in Seoul. And right now I'm homesick.

I've always been weird and I've always been different. Even if I may look ordinary, I still inside feel different. And as I lately have been searching for love and not being able to find it, it's lead me to this thought:
Maybe my one true love is not a man?
Maybe my one true love is in fact a city?
I've always loved a good city.

It was the city of Alanya that made me feel happy there, not the guys.
It was the city of Barcelona that made me feel even happier there, not the guys.
And, even though there were some spectacular-looking guys in Korea, maybe it wasn't the guys that captured my heart? Maybe it was the city?

These are just thoughts in my head, as always. But I was thinking if there is a chance to be able to work there, maybe, just maybe I should suffer through the education to get a job, so I will be able to work and live in Korea one day?

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