fredag 2 augusti 2013

American Pie and Long Pigs

I decided to have a little evening with Vik Sahay, and so I watched American Pie Reunion

To not spoil anything I thought the movie was okay, but it's not exactly my type of humor anymore. And it definitely seems the boys haven't learned anything since high-school. That being said, there are some typical "embarrassing-suspense" moments and a few real laugh out loud moments as well.
In some strange way, I can kind of relate to it. I was in high school (or younger?) when the first American Pie came out of the oven so to speak. (Yes, I have dry humor now! Guess I'm growing up?) And now it's some ten years later and things are changing, but a part of me can still remember what it was like to be a teenager, and the times my friends and I shared. In a way, we're all the same, only we share other times now.

Vik plays Stiflers boss and gives him a hard time at work, because he was (supposedly) a nerd in the past and now he has the chance for payback on a former cool kid. He has this skanky, way too tall blonde chick hanging around him. I think we could've done without her.
(Lol, that's just me being jealous, but seriously, I'd rather see him with someone classier, but I guess that wouldn't fit the movie. I'm thinking too much about Vik and not enough about the character, haha).

Second movie I watched was Long Pigs

It's this Canadian movie from 2007, filmed documentary-style. It's about two guys making a documentary about a cannibal. So they follow this cannibal around, filming him stalking his prey, killing, butchering, cooking and eating other human beings. And they film his social life, his friends and family, trying to figure him out.

Vik plays the cannibal's mother's doctor, who is hospitalized. He really just appears in two scenes, but it's magic every time I see him. The movie itself is really disturbing, I was kind of waiting for the end to "happen" because I saw it coming, so it was suspenseful in the end. But it was a good movie, the documentary-style filming just makes it feel that much better, because it becomes real and I felt seriously queezy at times. And I've watched gory japanese movies without feeling anything, but this really got to me.
So, if you're into that, go for it!

Here's an interesting factoid:

Vik-pic time:
I just had to share this one because I think his eyes just come out so beautifully here:
(and to think this is how he looks before makeup!)
I totally want to marry someone this gorgeous...

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